Move authentication to the edge

Move user identification at the edge to reduce complexity and deal with heterogeneous internal identity structures. Manage authentication tokens and perform attribute-based authorization without cumbersome middleware.

Move authentication to the edge


The right abstraction for identity.

Edge Authentication enables you to migrate your authentication logic in a dedicated scriptable service deployed at the edge of your perimeter. Simplify your identity backend and free your developers from authentication and token logic.

The right abstraction for identity.
  • Remove Authentication Middleware /

    Avoid custom internal logic, verify identity at the edge and free your service-owners from the burden of owning authentication.

  • Decrease Latency /

    Increase performance and resilience by caching tokens at the edge. Enable faster response time with multi-region deployments.

  • Virtual directory to handle legacy identity stores /

    Avoid long and complex migrations by supporting existing identity stores out of the box.

  • Faster Time to Market /

    Add authentication to any service without any coding or configuration.


Easy integration and customization

We help you transition to an Edge Authentication approach to quash complexity and improve performance.

Production environment and internal access control

Use Gate for any application, internal or user-facing.

Zero-click deployment

Gate integrates with most API gateways, proxies and CDNs for easy deployments.


Cache authentication requests to reduce round-trip to external authentication providers like SlashID.

Lambda environment for easy customization

Execute lambda functions in Gate to enrich, translate and modify your authentication tokens.

Identity Provider Agnostic

Gate works with any identity provider and supports OpenID Connect and OAuth2 out of the box.


Deploy Gate with a single command

We provide scripts to integrate with most API gateways, proxies and CDNs. Gate ships as a docker image to deploy in your environment or as a managed service run from the SlashID cloud.

See docs
1terraform apply -var-file="gate-config"


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Use case

Learn about using /id for Edge Authentication

Save your team hours upon hours of tedious development to implement internal authentication logic.