Fraud & Security

Reduce identity fraud and data breaches

From bot detection to anti-phishing, keep your customers’ data safe from potential fraud and credential breaches.

Case studies

16 million is the average number of credentials stolen in a data breach in 2021.


Amazon was fined $888 million in 2021 for GDPR violations.



The importance of top-tier security

Historically, people have viewed identity as a simple yes/no answer. We think of identity as a score that factors in user, device, and authentication-factor risk.

Risk-based, phishing-resistant authentication combined with exfiltration-resistant data storage is the paradigm shift every company needs to reduce fraud and maintain customer trust.

  • Reduce data breaches blast radius
  • Prevent credential stuffing and phishing
  • Risk-based step up authentication for critical operations
  • Offload user data security, reduce cost
  • Increase customers’ trust
  • Detect bots without Captchas

Key differentiators

Why choose /id for security?

Synthetic account detection /

Our APIs combine identity information with synthetic account detection capabilities to provide a reputation score for new users, reducing the risk of fraud.

Get rid of credential stuffing and phishing attacks /

Threats such as phishing and credential breaches are more and more widespread each year, with exceedingly high costs for the companies involved. The consequences of poor security are undeniable, including data loss, customer turnover, reputation damage, and high remediation costs.

Reduce the blast radius of data breaches /

Our architecture prevents mass exfiltration of data. User data is encrypted with individual keys derived from a HSM-backed master preventing an attacker from compromising a database and cracking it offline.